Vitaliy Provotorov will lead Invest in Ukraine committee at UVCA

UVCA - Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association has invited one of its members to lead the Invest in Ukraine committee. Vitaliy Provotorov, founder and Managing Partner of investment banking company Soul Partners, will be the committee co-chair.

The Invest in Ukraine committee was created to promote Ukrainian investment projects abroad and build the image of Ukraine as a country of innovative products.

Vitaly has more than 15 years of experience in investments. In 2018 he co-founded the investment bank Soul Partners along with Igor Verhogliad as his business partner. Vitaly has finished more than twenty M&A and financial restructuring projects for a total value of $500M.

“While re-launching the Invest In Ukraine committee, we plan to expand available instruments allowing to attract investment into Ukrainian companies. We will conduct negotiations with partners abroad on opportunities for investment and/or options to entering the Ukrainian market through M&A deals soon. The committee has established ambitious goal - to help Ukrainian companies promote themselves globally, particularly through attracting investments for creating strategic partnerships. My new role in the committee will include responsibility for spreading the word on investment and potential M&A deals both in the tech area and other sectors of economics.” said Vitaly Provorotov, Invest In Ukraine committee Co-chair.

“UVCA takes active part in increasing the appeal of investments into all sectors of Ukrainian economics, not just venture capital investments. We expect that more proactive involvement of professional participants of the investment process in the committee will ultimately increase its effectiveness. In addition, the focus and the goals of the committee will be expanded - particularly by offering M&A and investment opportunities for partners and contacts of UVCA”, said Dmytro Kuzmenko, acting Executive Director at UVCA.

Soul Partners is an investment banking boutique that provides professional financial consultations to the businesses and to investors and is specialized in investments attraction, support of M&A, equity-rising transactions and debt restructuring services.

UVCA aims to unite venture capital and private equity representatives. The Association already has direct investments funds representatives as members, as well as investment companies, advisors on M&A deals in both tech and other sectors of economics. It was established to spread the word about Ukraine’s achievements and opportunities and to support investors in every aspect, from providing reliable information to establishing international connections at the industry and government levels.