Soul Partners attracts investment for Seadora

Ukrainian startup Seadora attracted seed-round investments form SMRK venture capital fund. Investment boutique Soul Partners acted as a financial advisor to Seadora in capital raising process.

Investment size is not disclosed.

Seadora was founded by Andriy Drohobitsky and since October 2019 has been delivering fresh fish to the residents of Kyiv. Due to the optimized logistics and the absence of intermediaries, the fish reach the customers 3 days after the catch. The company cooperates directly with fish auctions and fishermen in Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, USA.

Background information

Seadora - service of fish and seafood delivery “from the ocean directly to the table”. The service works in SeaTech - the new sector for Ukraine. This area of innovation is aimed at sustainable consumption and conservation of ocean resources. The global purpose is preventing excessive use of natural resources of world waters.

SMRK is a Ukrainian fund that provides venture investments in startups at different stages. The company was established in the fall of 2013 and since than has been supporting IT products, focusing on seed and Round A financing.

Soul Partners is an investment banking boutique that provides professional financial consultations to the businesses and to investors. We are specialized in investments attraction, support of M&A and equity-rising transactions and debt restructuring services.