Soul Partners Core Team

Investment-banking boutique

Soul Partners


Founders of Soul Partners organized and completed 25+ successful deals during volatile 2010-2021

We are servicing both Ukrainian businesses and foreign investors that have intention to invest or already operate in Ukraine. 

Our team is one of the most experienced on Ukrainian market.

Our Services

Mergers and acquisitions

Maximising value through professional preparation of marketing materialsestablishing and managing competitive M&A process in Sell-side engagements

Navigating clients through new business environment by selecting & presenting investment options, reviewing synergies and testing seller’s needs in Buy-side engagements 

Debt and equity attraction

Attracting equity investments for businesses to accelerate their growth, enter new market or to scaleup their operations.

Attracting debt financing from IFIs, bank syndicates, foreign and local banks to support growth and maximize equity returns.

Debt restructuring

Conduct negotiations with creditors, propose restructuring plan supported by financial model and management presentations.

Propose complex restructuring options that differ from plain “extend and decrease % rate” arrangements.

Some of our Clients