Soul Partners attracts investment for Seadora

Soul Partners attracts investment for Seadora

Seadora attracts seed-round investments 

Ukrainian startup Seadora attracted seed-round investments form SMRK venture capital fund.

Investment boutique Soul Partners acted as a financial advisor to Seadora in capital raising process.

Seadora was founded by Andriy Drohobitsky and since October 2019 has been delivering fresh fish to the residents of Kyiv. Due to the optimized logistics and the absence of intermediaries, the fish reach the customers 3 days after the catch. The company cooperates directly with fish auctions and fishermen in Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, USA.

Vitaly Provotorov, Managing Partner of Soul Partners: “This is a cool project. No such company exist neither in Ukraine, nor worldwide. This is our second project with Andriy Drohobitsky, and we are pleased that he has chosen us as his advisor in this arrangement. This is our third attraction for the Ukrainian venture” comments Vitaly Provotorov, Managing Partner of Soul Partners.”


Soul Partners is Ukrainian investment banking boutique, founded by Igor Verkhogliad and Vitaliy Provotorov. As investment advisory company, it is engaged in attracting investments and supporting M&A transactions mainly in the field of IT, energy and in the sector of agriculture.