Soul Partners advised Aurum Group

Soul Partners advised Aurum Group

Investment boutique Soul Partners acted as a financial advisor to the buyer – Aurum Group,  a diversified industrial and investment group with key areas of activities in machine engineering, freight shipping services, industrial pump production, chemical industry, real estate development and agricultural sector.

 Aurum Group has attracted Soul Partners as an advisor for search of potential targets for acquisition and investment.

Agriculture in Ukraine has been and remains an investment attractive sector for both domestic and foreign investors. This deal is another confirmation of our expertise, we will continue serving clients in the agricultural sector”, comments Igor Verkhogliad, Managing Partner of Soul Partners.

 The acquired Target is a group of enterprises that leases about 3,000 hectares of agricultural land in Kharkiv region. Main specialization of the Target is land farming. Land bank under the management of the buyer has almost doubled as a result of this acquisition.

“Thanks to Soul Partners, we found an asset that fully met our investment criteria. And although we are not accustomed to making decisions quickly, in this case we were able to timely negotiate the terms of purchase with the seller and complete the deal. The precise adherence to the “pace” of the deal is the result of our advisor’s work”, commented Konstantin Misakov, Development Director of Aurum Group.

“We considered several potential targets with our client this year. We have managed to negotiate exclusivity rights for due diligence and purchase, which the Client has eventually realized ” says Igor Verkhogliad


Soul Partners is Ukrainian investment banking boutique, founded by Igor Verkhogliad and Vilaliy Provotorov.

The company is engaged in attracting investments and supporting M&A transactions mainly in the field of IT, energy and in the sector of agriculture.

Aurum Group is a leading Ukrainian diversified industrial and investment group.

The key areas of activities include machine engineering, freight shipping services, industrial pump production, engineering services in foundry industry, chemical industry, real estate development, agricultural sector.